• Dergham Mohammed Ali
  • 29 Sep 2014

Prime defendant admits responsibility for evictions in Anfal

Baghdad – The prime defendant in anti-Kurds Anfal case Ali Hassan al-Majid, Saddam's cousin, admitted on Wednesday responsibility for the evictions against Iraqi Kurds in 1980s.

"I admit my responsibility for driving Kurdish families out of...

  • 29 Sep 2014

Halabja, made in the USA

Op 16 maart is het 25 jaar geleden dat het regime van Saddam Hoessein het Koerdische Halabja met gas bestookte. Dit bloedbad vormde het absolute dieptepunt van de genocide tegen de Koerden in Irak. Opdat we deze horror nooit meer zouden vergeten,...

  • Dr Rashid Karadaghi
  • 1 Jun 2014

Halabja’s Wounds

I wrote the following short piece twenty-two years ago under a pen name about the gassing of the people of the town of Halabja, the Kurdish Hiroshima, by the criminal Saddam regime. I still remember the afternoon I wrote it in my backyard and the...

  • Jean Pascal Zanders
  • 25 Mar 2013

The meaning of Halabja

the bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Article Highlights
• A chemical weapons attack by Saddam Hussein's forces 25 years ago killed thousands of Kurds in the Iraqi town of Halabja, making it an international symbol and hastening negotiations on...

  • 15 Feb 2013

How the Commons can break the silence over Halabja

The British Parliament is set to debate the political recognition of Saddam Hussein's campaign against the Kurds as genocide. With the threat of chemical weapons in Syria a declared 'red line', the need to properly understand and account for the...

  • Abdullah Reshawi
  • 11 Dec 2009

Halabjans Urge Verdict in Chemical Ali Case

Cite as Institute for War and Peace Reporting, Halabjans Urge Verdict in Chemical Ali Case, 11 December 2009, ICR No. 315, available at: http://www.refworld.org/docid/4b28a15a2c.html [accessed 27 July 2013]
Disclaimer This is not a UNHCR...

  • Karim Salih
  • 17 Mar 2008

Anfal: a typical example of international indifference to genocide

Speech by Karim Salih, LLM, at the Halabja Conference: “International legal recognition of crimes of genocide committed against the Kurds”, organised by the Anfal and Halabja Working Group, London, 16 March 2008
Distinguished guests, ladies and...

  • 15 Mar 2008

Halabjans Wary of New Aid Pledges

Locals commemorating twentieth anniversary of chemical attacks recall past broken promises.

IWPR - By Azeez Mahmood in Halabja and Mariwan Hama-Saeed in Washington

The Kurdish town of Halabja, site of a brutal chemical weapons attack by...

  • Joost Hiltermann
  • 15 Mar 2008

Halabja: Lessons of a tragedy, interview with Joost Hiltermann

Joost Hiltermann was the primary researcher for Human Rights Watch (HRW) on the 1987-88 Al-Anfal campaign by Saddam Hussein's regime

Joost Hiltermann was the primary researcher for Human Rights Watch (HRW) on the 1987-88 Al-Anfal...

  • 4 Sep 2007

Halabja: whom does the truth hurt?

About the author
Adel Darwish is a commentator on Middle East affairs who first met Saddam Hussein in 1972. He was Middle East correspondent for the Independent for a decade, and now contributes regularly to a number of British newspapers. His...

  • Shakhawan Shorsh
  • 1 Dec 2006

The Iraqi syndrome and the options for peace

Day after day the ethnic and sectarian killings in Iraq are increasing. The security of
the divided country is non-existent in some places, the militants’ power is growing,
and the intra-ethnic security dilemma is alarming throughout the...

  • Kurdish Media, UK
  • 25 Aug 2006

The Iraqi Special Tribunal: A lack of objectivity concerns the victi

Putting Saddam Hussein and other perpetrators on trial for genocide
and crimes against humanity is certainly a positive step toward the
prevention of future similar atrocities. This is also a relief for
the victims. If the Anfal campaign is...

  • 22 Jul 2004

Anfal Campaign: Iraqi Kurdistan, 1988

Case Study:
The Anfal Campaign
(Iraqi Kurdistan), 1988


The anti-Kurdish "Anfal" campaign, mounted between February and September 1988 by the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein, was both genocidal and gendercidal in nature....