anfal first instance

19 Oct 2014


The first of Nuremburg Court principles, for the year 1950, stated the following:
"Any person, who commits an act classified as crime per international law, will be
responsible and subjected to punishment". Relying on this principle, it becomes
understandable that any act described as international crime will be punished as per
International Law, if such action constitutes a breach of International Law's articles.
The Iraqi High Tribunal, formed as per Law No 10 for the year 2005, even if it was a national
court, is assigned to consider international crimes, as the report will state, and prosecute
turned over convicts [charged for international crimes] as per its juridical allegiance.

Nature of Crimes appropriated for this court:
The Iraqi High Tribunal is the appropriated court to review acts considered as a breach of
International Law, within a defined period of time, starting from 1968 Jul 17 until 2003 May
1, as per Clause [Second] of Article [1] of Law No 10 for the year 2005 (previously
mentioned), which stated " Court's allegiance is applicable on every normal person, Iraqi or
not, residing Iraq and convicted of any of the crimes mentioned in Articles [11, 12, 13, and
14] of the aforementioned law, within the Republic of Iraq or any other place … These
include the following crimes:
1- Genocide
2- Crimes against Humanity
3- War Crimes

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